Craft Materials


They say it takes ten thousand hours to Master your Craft. Ten thousand hours of learning through errors and victories, creating experience and knowledge.

The three essentials that drive success
Ideas, Plans and Teams
These are our craft

It is the craft of building the new. New ideas, new expressions, new stories, new engineering, new attitudes, new cultures.

Creativity, common sense and control, mastered during our ten thousand hours of working with large corporate 'ocean tankers' and small company 'go-carts'.

We love what we do. We have pride in each success we create for our clients.
In return we have been given trust.

We have made lifelong friends and even won awards



Our Founder and Managing Director is married to a psychotherapist-in-training, he has two daughters at university and is responsible for the dog. Introducing Ross MacLennan: He enjoys skiing, plays the guitar badly, playing golf better. He has a degree in Philosophy from York University and was once a Captain in the British Army. He has spent the better part of the last thirty years helping clients to focus their business strategy and communications.

Amongst his achievements; creating the communication and recognition strategy for Royal Mail's 320,000 employees and pensioners; Integrating disciplines as EMEA Creative and Production Director for a global experiential agency; Spending a successful decade running a photography business; Owning and managing a full-service experiential, incentive and brand awareness agency for over fifteen years.

Ross has spent his ten thousand hours consulting, developing and delivering change to more than half a million customers; delivering at least three hundred and fifty projects, in over seventy locations across four continents, Ross is valued by our clients as a strategic advisor, creative director, project director and culture change professional.

"Clearly, we will never know a client's business as well as they do, nor have the gut feel they have for their own opportunities and weaknesses; but we do know how to create ideas, develop plans and build teams; the essential disciplines to getting anything done.

We have the experience to apply those disciplines very effectively.
That is the gold we bring to the party."


Locations worked in by Ross MacLennan

Chef at Work


Different recipes need different ingredients. Often you just need a pinch of the right stuff to season a dish to perfection.

Over thirty years of building business solutions, we have acquired a cornucopia of people we call our Advisory Panel. People with integrity whose abilities we admire. People with a lifetime of knowledge about their particular slice of life including; FMCG, Pharmaceutical, IT Hardware and Software, Automotive, Communications, Marketing, Legal and Financial Services, Government and Health. Their insight is invaluable.



We also have cabinets full of Trade Masters. Skilled artisans. They are practical folk who can deliver almost anything in the world.

From large-format printing to bee-keeping; lighting to roadshows; virtual events to video animation; electrical installation to master tailors; photography to therapy; yacht flotillas to aeroplane charter; chefs to interior decoration, the list goes on.

all the people you want up your sleeve and more